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Food processing


Foods processing sector



When processing foods such as sausages and cold cuts, cheese, fish, and pastries to create the final products, these are almost always moved on conveyor belts.

To permit direct contact with foods, IGAT offers especially hygienic conveyor belts, coated on all sides with a finish that is certified as food-safe.

Especially advantage here are profiled solutions which, whether by positive fit or sharp-edged profiles, ensure especially good transport of the foods. Simply work with our applications technology section to devise the optimum drive solution for your operations.

Manufactured especially for small reversing bends are our one-part FOODFLEX synchronous belts in either a blue or transparent version. Extruded versions are available with a large selection of backing profiles, matched to the particular product. They can also be custom manufactured.

IGAT products:

- one-piece "Foodflex" belt solutions with back profile
- non-slip FDA coatings
- cam belts / cleat solutions
- nail belts / stainless steel spikes
- sausage belts for different sausage calibers
- sprockets made of stainless steel according to drawing