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Standard sprocket


Standard sprockets

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IGAT stores an inexpensive stock program of all customary standard sprockets and splined shafts made of aluminum, steel or cast. In addition to the customary T/ AT and HTD profiles, we can also supply standard sprockets for RPP and poly-chain gears.
Please refer to our current product catalog for our range of clamping plates, splined shafts and Taper-Lock clamping bushes.

Due to the manufacturing tolerances, standard sprockets are not suitable for highly dynamic applications or drives with particularly high requirements for smoothness and positioning accuracy.

Areas of Application

- General drives
- Standard applications without high technical requirements

Technical Information

- Comprehensive stock program: HTD, RPP, GT3, Poly Chain, T / AT, Standard
- Materials steel, cast or aluminum
- Versions: pilot hole, TL clamping bushes
- Possible surface treatments: zinc coating, anodizing, nickel plating, Hard-/ Durnicoating + PTFE
- Extensive range of aluminum splined shafts
- Stock program of Taper-Lock clamping bushes
- Short delivery time
- CAD drawings on request