The IGAT organization adheres closely to the quality specifications set forth in the EN ISO 9001 standard. The following quality principles determine the fundamental vector our business activities follow:

  1. The foremost objective of IGAT management and staff is optimized, customer-oriented quality in our services, consulting activities, and products.
  2. Management and staff always strive to clarify, document and optimize the customer's specific quality requirements. In major projects we draw upon the specifications and product data sheets that serve as the basis for quality-oriented product development carried out in close collaboration with our clientele.
  3. The technical and commercial processing of all our transactions follows clearly defined, documented sequences.
  4. A set of technical rules, the so-called "IGAT TechSpots", is applicable to internal and external information. This documentation is continuously updated and also serves as a teaching aid during technical training for IGAT employees.
  5. We have installed clear, customer-oriented instructions on the procedures for generating proposals and executing orders. A uniform and consistent documentation structure ensures that work will be carried out at high quality levels.
  6. Regular updates ensure that our calculation programs and 3D-CAD activities reflect the state of the art at all times.
  7. Regular audits in the facilities where our products are manufactured serve as the basis for optimal product quality and continuous product improvement. We consult with our customers on the individual test procedures and inspection levels (e.g. AQL 1) to be used with our products.
  8. Our employees benefit from recurring training, enabling them to work independently, always oriented on the customer's needs.
  9. Product innovations and company news are published on our web site at, which is regularly updated.
  10. The above-mentioned measures help to continuously improve the quality of all our work. A prime challenge to igat executives and staff is to always serve the interests of our customers, conscientiously and to the best of our knowledge.